Colección: Mate Tradicional Argentino + Bombilla Tradicional Argentina

The Argentinian Traditional Combo includes a Traditional Argentinian Bombilla and a bag of Traditional Argentinian Mate. This combo provides you with everything you need to enjoy the authentic Argentinian mate experience.

The Traditional Argentinian Bombilla is made of high-quality handcrafted alpaca, showcasing the traditional design that reflects Argentinian culture and craftsmanship. With its curved shape and small holes at the end, it allows for a smooth and residue-free liquid flow, ensuring that each sip is pure and full of flavor.

The Traditional Argentinian Mate, on the other hand, is a premium product meticulously crafted to deliver a rich and robust flavor. The mate porongo has been handpicked and dried with precision to ensure the finest quality and maximum taste. This top-quality mate is a perfect blend of earthy notes and a subtly bitter finish.

Combine the Traditional Argentinian Bombilla with the Traditional Argentinian Mate and indulge in a complete and authentic mate experience. Whether you prefer it hot or cold, this combo will provide you with the perfect balance in every sip: a traditional bombilla that allows for optimal extraction and high-quality yerba mate that will surprise you with its authentic flavor.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of Argentina with the Argentinian Traditional Combo. Whether you enjoy it solo or share it with friends, this combination will take you on a unique sensory journey as you dive into the fascinating world of Argentinian mate. Handcrafted in alpaca, 100% handmade.